Musical Instruments, Sound and Lighting Maintenance for Schools

We help schools and other education providers save time and money by servicing and repairing their musical instruments and equipment.

We work with schools across Leicestershire and the Midlands

Below is a small selection of the schools and education providers we work with.

We service and repair onsite

Schools have anything from 15% to 30% of their inventory out of use at any time when they could be working.

Save money

A lot of instruments and equipment just need some technical TLC.

Keep your students engaged

Keep students engaged by having everything working as it should.

Promote sustainability

Stop wasting valuable resources and start promoting sustainability.

Are school service plans worth it?

You might be wondering whether school service plans are worth it; and quite simply, the answer is yes. Most schools will repair instruments individually, however, with a service plan you are benefitting from having one or two skilled technicians servicing and repairing multiple items onsite at the same time. By paying for this service and not individual items we will save you money by repairing more for less!

How it works

Step 1

Contact us and jump on an initial discovery call to discuss your requirements. This is a no-obligation call to understand your current situation and explore ways of working together.

Step 2

Following the discovery call, confirm the full list of your requirements and book a convenient time in the calendar for us to visit you onsite.

Step 3

We visit you onsite for a half or full day to service and repair your instruments and equipment. We give you a report of all the jobs undertaken and any outstanding actions that are needed.

Get Started

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